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Manhattan Beach is located within the South Bay region of Los Angeles County just 4 miles south of LAX airport along the Pacific Coast. Manhattan Beach is one of the most convenient beach cities for commuters because you have quick freeway and airport access. 

Manhattan Beach Map

Manhattan Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California and repeatedly voted one of the best places to live in the country. Manhattan Beach was recently ranked one of the best suburbs to live in Los Angeles and raise a family and consistently ranks as one of the best suburbs for young professionals according to because Manhattan Beach has something for everyone. You have great beaches, amazing restaurants, shopping and it is a tight knit community with a laid back vibe and tons of activities and events like Hometown Fair, volleyball tournaments and farmer’s markets to name a few. There are also so many family friendly activities and of course great schools so it appeals to everyone.  

I think the number one reason why people live in Southern California- Manhattan Beach included is the weather. Manhattan Beach gets almost 300 days of sunshine each year with year round temperatures in the 70s in the South Bay.

The Tree Section

Manhattan Beach Tree Section Map

What makes the Tree Section Manhattan Beach a desirable place to live? In our exploration of this neighborhood, we’ll provide you with a direct snapshot of the community, local culture, and recent real estate trends. This area offers a unique combination of community warmth and metropolitan convenience, and our guide is designed to help you understand exactly what life is like in one of Manhattan Beach’s most beloved locales. The Tree Section in Manhattan Beach is named for their tree street names such as Pine, Elm, Walnut, Palm, etc. The tree section is the largest suburban neighborhood west of Sepulveda and is located with Rosecrans to the east, Manhattan Beach Blvd. to the west between Sepulveda and Valley/Ardmore and Sand Dune Park to the west. The tree section is primarily zoned for single family and new homes are typically 3000-4000 SF on 4000-5000 SF lots. These homes typically have a traditional floor plan and are great for people who enjoy indoor/outdoor living as most homes in the tree section have yards. There are smaller homes from the 1940s and 1950s in the tree section as well, but many of those homes are being redeveloped or renovated as they sell.

The American Martyrs Section

American Martyrs

Within the Tree Section, there are micro-neighborhoods. The American Martyrs section of the Tree Section is a prestigious area surrounding the American Martyrs church consisting of about 10 square blocks. The Martyrs area is located between Pacific Avenue to the east, Valley/Ardmore to the west and north, and Manhattan Beach Blvd. to the south.

American Martyrs Map

Homes in this section of the tree section see the highest values especially homes closer to Downtown Manhattan Beach on the hills because lot sizes are larger typically between 6000 and 8000 SF and you can have ocean views in the hilly areas of the Martyrs area just up from Ardmore unlike the majority of the homes in the Tree Section. Laurel Avenue and Agnes Road are considered to be the best streets in the Tree Section neighborhood. You are walking distance to the private school at American Martyrs as well as Pacific Elementary School.

The Gas Lamp Section

Manhattan Beach Gas Lamp

Another sought after micro-neighborhood of the Tree Section is the Gas Lamp section, which gets its name from the original turn-of-the-century gas lamps that still burn at night as reminders of the original Manhattan Beach streets. There are only a few hundred homes within the Gas Lamp section between 21st and 24th Street and the majority of the homes are built on 30x90 foot lots and range from newly built homes to post-war homes from the 1940s. The Gas Lamp Section is a great choice for anyone that wants to live close to the beach, but not directly on the beach.

Manhattan Beach Gas Lamp Map

Family-Friendly Environment

Beyond the serene streets and charming architecture, the Tree Section in Manhattan Beach fosters a family-oriented atmosphere. Block parties and community events are a frequent sight, further strengthening the neighborhood’s appeal to families. The presence of multiple California Distinguished Schools within the Tree Section, such as Grand View Elementary and Pacific Elementary, adds to its attractiveness, making it an ideal place for setting down family roots.

But the family-friendly environment doesn’t stop at the neighborhood boundaries. Residents enjoy the dual benefits of a tranquil residential area with easy access to beaches, dining, and shopping nearby. Residents can spend the day at Live Oak Park, a family-friendly venue that hosts annual community events like the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, which features activities and crafts that attract families throughout the area. Alternatively, you can relax at the beach, just a short walk away. Not merely a neighborhood, the Tree Section offers a lifestyle that attracts families who desire a perfect blend of relaxation and fun.

Housing Market Snapshot: Tree Section Real Estate Trends

Pricing widely varies in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section depending on the size, condition and location of the home. In 2023 the lowest sale in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section was just over $1.4M for a 3 Bed | 2 Bath | 1200 SF home on a 3700 SF lot on Rosecrans to $10.775M for a 5 Bed | 8 Bath | 6100 SF ocean view home with a pool in the American Martyrs section, but the median sold price in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section in 2023 was just shy of $3M with the average price per square foot at $1371.

Median Home Prices in Tree Section

In January 2024, the median home price in the Tree Section was $3.2 million, showing a 4.8% increase from the previous year. This price rise reflects the neighborhood’s growing popularity and the quality of life it offers. The real estate market here has been fairly competitive with homes generally selling for about 2% below list price and typically going pending in around 50 days.

Properties considered ‘hot homes’ may sell at approximately list price and can go pending in about 22 days, indicating a strong demand for these homes. So, If you would like to be added to our exclusive list of off-market listings in Manhattan Beach send us an e-mail to titled "Manhattan Beach Exclusive" and we will add you to our list!

Outdoor Leisure and Lifestyle in Tree Section

Manhattan Beach Surfers

While the Tree Section’s serene streets and diverse housing options are enticing, the neighborhood’s outdoor leisure and lifestyle offerings are equally compelling. Residents have easy access to a variety of parks with amenities including tennis courts, basketball courts, and picnic areas for outdoor activities and leisure. Whether you’re a sport enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply someone who enjoys a leisurely stroll, the Tree Section has something for everyone.

The outdoor fun doesn’t stop at the parks. Located a stone’s throw from the beach, the Tree Section offers residents a plethora of beach activities. From surfing and beach volleyball to simply soaking in the sun, there’s always something fun to do.

Parks and Green Spaces

Manhattan Beach Live Oak Park

Let’s take a tour of the parks and green spaces, and explore the nearby beaches and activities that establish the Tree Section as a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Located within the Tree Section, Live Oak Park is a central hub for family and community activities. With amenities such as:

  • baseball fields

  • tennis courts

  • a dog park

  • a community center

There’s always something to do. The park is well-equipped to support various recreational activities, with clean bathrooms, drinking water facilities, and easy parking.

Additionally, residents have access to other outdoor spaces such as Sand Dune Park and the Green Belt, which are conveniently located for engaging in diverse recreational pastimes.

Manhattan Beach Green Belt

So, whether you’re looking to play a game of tennis, take your dog for a walk, or simply enjoy a picnic with your family, the Tree Section’s parks and green spaces have you covered.

Beach Proximity and Activities

Manhattan Beach El Porto

Living in the Tree Section means having easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles while still remaining relatively undiscovered compared to other popular beaches like Santa Monica. Residents can easily reach nearby beaches such as Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach, which are ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.

So, whether you’re a surfer, a beach jogger, or someone who just loves the sand between your toes, the Tree Section’s proximity to the beach offers endless possibilities for outdoor fun.

Education Excellence Near Tree Section

Education is a key factor for families when choosing a place to live, and the Tree Section doesn’t disappoint. The local Manhattan Beach Unified School District is highly regarded, with schools consistently ranking in the top of state and national performance lists. Grand View Elementary, located within the Tree Section, has even been awarded the National Blue Ribbon School designation. And it’s not just about primary education. Residents of the Tree Section also have convenient access to distinguished higher education institutions such as UCLA and USC.

Top-Rated Schools in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section

The Manhattan Beach Unified school district consistently ranks as one of the top school districts in the Los Angeles area. The Manhattan Beach Tree Section is home to several highly ranked schools, including:

  • Pacific Elementary (California Distinguished School)

  • Grand View Elementary

  • Manhattan Beach Middle School

  • Mira Costa High School

  • American Martyrs School (Private Institution)

With such top-notch schools in its vicinity, the Tree Section ensures that your children receive a quality education that sets them up for success.

Higher Education Access

Not just content with providing excellent primary and secondary education, the Tree Section also offers convenient access to prestigious universities. With UCLA and USC within reach, Tree Section residents have a wide range of higher education options to choose from.

So, whether your child is a future Bruin or Trojan, living in the Tree Section means they’re never far from achieving their academic dreams.

Local Commuting Options

Whether you prefer to drive, bike, or walk, getting around the Tree Section is a breeze. The neighborhood’s location away from main thoroughfares means lower traffic levels, facilitating easier car commutes. Quieter streets in the Tree Section also enhance the experience for bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

Access to Greater LA

For those who need to travel beyond the neighborhood, the Tree Section offers convenient access to major freeways such as:

  • Harbor (I-110) Freeway

  • San Diego (I-405) Freeway

  • Gardena (SR 91) Freeway

  • Century (I-105) Freeway

A Taste of the Town: Dining and Shopping in Tree Section

Metlox, Manhattan Beach

While serene streets, top-notch schools, and easy transportation are significant factors, let’s not forget about the fun stuff – dining and shopping. In the Tree Section, residents benefit from close proximity to downtown Manhattan Beach and Metlox, which is a shopping and dining destination. Residents have easy access to a variety of shops, restaurants, and the beach. Whether you’re a foodie craving a culinary adventure or a shopaholic looking for the next retail therapy session, the Tree Section has got you covered.

Culinary Hotspots

When it comes to dining, Manhattan Beach doesn't disappoint. Whether you’re looking for a cozy brunch spot, a lively lunch venue, or a romantic dinner setting, you’ll find it here. Local gems like Michelin Bib Gourmand award winning MB Post, and Michelin recommended Esperanza Cocina de la Playa , and The Arthur J are just a few of the culinary hotspots that have put Manhattan Beach on the foodie map. Each of these restaurants offers a unique dining experience.

Retail Therapy Nearby

The Point Manhattan Beach

If shopping is more your thing, you’re in for a treat. The Tree Section offers an array of retail therapy options, including:

  • Manhattan Village

  • The Point in El Segundo

  • Plaza El Segundo

  • Metlox (Downtown Manhattan Beach)

These shopping destinations cater to a variety of preferences, with boutique stores offering a distinct selection of fashion, home goods, and specialty gifts, as well as larger shopping centers housing a mix of retailers, eateries, and entertainment options.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for the latest fashion trends, searching for the perfect gift, or simply looking to unwind with some retail therapy, Manhattan Beach has you covered.

Why Manhattan Beach Tree Section Stands Out

There are several factors that set the Tree Section apart. The neighborhood is celebrated for its:

  • Annual community events, such as the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, which fosters a tight-knit community spirit unique to the area

  • Moderately sized lots offer a less dense neighborhood with more space between properties compared to the Sand Section, providing residents with a sense of privacy and serenity

  • Distinctive rustic charm, with certain parts of the Tree Section even lacking sidewalks

So, when it comes to choosing a place to call home, the Tree Section truly stands out in the South Bay area.

Key Takeaways

  • The Manhattan Beach Tree Section offers a small-town vibe with tree-lined streets, top schools, and a tight-knit community, perfect for families looking for a peaceful yet connected life.

  • The real estate market in the Tree Section is booming, with the 2023 median home prices around $3 million and a mix of properties from classic beach cottages to modern builds, reflecting the area’s desirability.

  • Residents enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with easy access to parks, beaches, and a variety of leisure activities, complemented by a vibrant dining and shopping scene.


It’s clear that this neighborhood offers more than just a place to live. With its serene streets, family-friendly environment, diverse housing options, top-notch schools, easy transportation, and vibrant dining and shopping scene, the Tree Section offers a unique lifestyle. Whether you’re a family seeking a safe environment, a young professional looking for a vibrant community, or a retiree in search of tranquility, the Tree Section has something for everyone.

So, are you ready to discover serenity in the city? With its unique charm, tight-knit community, and unrivaled lifestyle offerings, the Tree Section invites you to experience a slice of suburban bliss in Manhattan Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Tree Section unique?

The Tree Section is unique because of its serene, tree-lined streets, family-friendly environment, top-notch schools, diverse real estate options, and close-knit community spirit. It's a great place to live for everyone from families to retirees.

What outdoor activities are available in the Tree Section?

You can enjoy outdoor activities like tennis, beach volleyball, scenic walks, and community events in the Tree Section, thanks to its parks, green spaces, and proximity to beaches. So, there's always something to do!

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